Wolvie Starlifter

Wolvie Starlifter Year: 2014

Game: Aerial Assist

Main Priority: Collect and Kick 2' Ball


Wolvie Zetanite

Wolvie Zetanite Year: 2013

Game: Ultimate Ascend

Main Priority: Shoot Frisbees


Wolvie Prime

Wolvie Prime Year: 2012

Game: Rebound Rumble

Main Priority: Shoot Balls

Description: A big and tough robot, built with a turret ontop, this bot is able to shoot from almost half court.
Wolvie Apollo
Wolvie to the X
Wolvie Capella
Wolvie Neptune
Wolvie Nitro
Wolvie Zeta
Wolvie V
Wolvie 4.0
Wolvie Cubed
Wolvie 2
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