Gobble Gobble GiveGobble Gobble Give

Starting with Echo Park resident Barry Walker (the first to begin cooking and delivering Turkey Day meals to the less fortunate around his neighborhood) Gobble Gobble Give expanded from one person to a group who every year gather to give out meals to others. Members of Team 597 assist in their efforts by volunteering in any way they can, whether serving up or setting up-helping to increase the number each year to over 3,000. Our team members are encouraged to volunteer and bring anything they would like, whether homemade or store bought they are delighted to give.

Book and Toy DriveBook & Toy Drive

During the months of November and December Team 597 takes part in a Book and Toy Drive, the main focus of the drive is organizing and distributing books and toys to needy children. Members wore holiday attire, while actively singing cheerful melodies for all to hear, spreading winter joy.


While enjoying the benefits of exercise and receiving the gratification of raising funds for good causes, our team earnestly welcome walks. Some favorites include:

  • AIDS Walk (benefitting AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), raising funds and awareness)
  • Alzheimer’s Walk (raising awareness funds for support and research)
  • Say No to Drugs Walk (promoting drug & drug abuse awareness)

Team members’ experience differ, while some walk, others set-up or pass out drinks and foods to participants, gaining the most from each walk.

Toys 4 TotsToys 4 Tots

Each year members volunteer and work with the United States Marines in collecting, sorting and passing out toys to disadvantage and needy youth. The distribution of toys occurs at different Knox Berry Farm Amusement Park locations during the holiday seasons in December.

Blood DriveBlood Drive

Team 597 members help organize and participate in our school’s Semi-Annual Blood Drive, in partnership with the Red Cross. We promote the blood drive by making flyers, and finding blood donors; we donate every year. Our team members take great pride in helping at least three other people with their own respect donations.

Water for Children of AfricaWater for Children of Africa

As strong advocates of human rights particularly that every person needs access to usable and drinkable water, our team is involved in the project "Water for Children of Africa;" our team has attended conferences in San Diego and hopes to travel to Africa in the near future. With the hope of travelling we wish to bring with us school supplies such as pencils, paper and notebooks to needy children as well as help dig water wells.

FLL MentorsFIRST Lego League Mentors

Starting since 2005 Foshay Learning Center started offering LEGO classes to our middle school students. As the LEGO program grew, Team 597 offered workshops to teachers who needed assistance in teaching LEGO Robotics to middle school kids. In 2008 the high school robotics team, Team 597, sponsored and mentored 8 FIRST LEGO League Teams (FLL) and one Junior First LEGO Team (JrFLL) for the “Climate Connection Challenge”. Each FLL team participated at the Manhattan Beach Middle School Qualifying Tournament and two teams qualified for the Southern California FLL Championship at LEGO Land. For the 2009 FLL “Smart Move Challenge”, Team 597 sponsored and mentored 4 FLL teams. Many of our adult and student team members volunteer their time to be FLL Judges, Referees, and Field Set-up personnel at LEGO events. It is estimated that since 2005 over 700 of our elementary/middle school students have been served by taking one of our school’s LEGO classes or participating on one of the FLL teams we sponsor.

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