911 for Kids9-1-1 for Kids Program

9-1-1 for Kids is a fun and interesting program taught to young adolescence and pre-school children by Team 597 student members. Student team members use a set curriculum which engages and educates adolescent youth when and how to call 911.With the mindset that teaching kids to call 911 should start as soon as they can play with the phone.

Read to AchieveRead to Achieve Program

Read to Achieve is a program sponsored by the Los Angeles Clippers Basketball Team that promotes the enjoyment and importance of being literate in this new Global World. Elementary and Middle School students are engaged in a variety of workshops taught by Team 597 that motivate the students to be lifelong learners.

California Crisis Technology Summit Participant

Team 597 was a presenter and a participant at the annual California Crisis Technology Summit hosted by Raytheon SAS at the University of Southern California in 2008. The purpose of the summit was to educate the public about the shortage of qualified engineers and technologists in the American Industry. Student members had the opportunity to participate in workshops hosted by NASA, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, and other organizations. Team 597 also presented to summit participates information regarding benefits of FIRST Robotics at the high school level.

Family Science of Sports WorkshopFamily Science of Sports Workshops

A series of sports workshops designed for elementary and middle school students and their parents to show the mystery of science, covered a six week period from October-November 2008. Workshops were held every Tuesday night from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Topics covered included the science of analyzing different sports balls such as golf balls, tennis balls, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, and racket balls. The workshop gave students opportunities to see the pros and cons of aluminum bats versus wooden bats. Also, different styles of tennis rackets were looked at as well as different types of sports uniform; analysis of skate boards and bicycles included. Forces, density, mass, weight, inertia, torque, physics and many other scientific concepts were embedded in the lessons. Iridescent Education taught many of the lessons along with the assistance of Foshay Robotics Team 597 student team members. Team 597 provided Spanish translation and also supplied pizza to all who participated in the six week workshop. All workshops were conducted in our Robotics classroom. The workshops will again be held during the October-November 2009 time frame. About 50 students and families were benefited from this project.

Bank On You FutureBank On Your Future Campus-Program

A program that stresses financial literacy among high school and middle school students. Team 597 student members help with the workshops and also participate in the lessons. The LA Financial Credit Union is the primary presenting sponsor of this program.

Family Fly Day/Aeronautics

A series of workshops hosted by Iridescent Education and Team 597, students and family members learn about the forces placed on airplanes, aspect ratio, how to calculate the Reynolds number, and there is even a model rocket demonstration. Family members and students build and test their very own gliders, after which a competition is held and prizes are awarded to winners of, the best looking glider, the glider which stayed in the air the longest, and the glider which flew the greatest distance. Many of the activities are taught by members of Team 597 and the workshops took place in our very own robotics room. Team members also provide Spanish translation for those individuals who need this service.

Mission ScienceMission Science Program

Every Monday from 3:30pm-5:30pm, Team 597 hosts the California Mission Science Program. Team members’ use a set curriculum based on standards intended to teach lessons, and perform scientific experiments with elementary and middle school students. About 100 elementary and middle school students have been served by this program over the last 6 years.

Going Green Recycling Program

Recycling old cell phones and use ink cartridges has become a tradition with Team 597. People put their old cell phones, and ink cartridges in several boxes we have around our school and in the Main Office. The team collects and packages these items monthly and sends them to a Non-Profit organization that properly disposes or recycles the cell phones/ink cartridges. Recycling these items helps protect our environment from having the toxic poison in these items put into landfills. The team receives money for its recycling efforts.

I Heart Robotics DayI ♥ Robotics Day!

A tradition starting in 2003 by members of Team 597, occurring during Valentine’s Day week there is a special bell schedule and the Robotics Team demonstrates its robots to the 3600 student body and faculty. We decorate our robots in red and pink colors and invite potential sponsors to our school on this day to; showing our community what FIRST is all about.

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