Computer for Youth

Computer for Youth TrainingWhat is Computers for Youth (CFY)?

CFY's Take IT Home program is designed to improve children’s learning environment at home and to strengthen the school-home connection. The program is structured to accomplish three goals:

  • Enhance the educational resources in children's homes.
  • Improve parent-child interaction around learning at home.
  • Help teachers contribute to and take advantage of a stronger school-home connection.

Training the ParentsTeam 597 and Computers for Youth

Team 597 was an essential part in bringing Computers for Youth to Foshay Learning Center. 30 team members volunteered over 20 hours each in the training, implementing, and servicing of computers for almost 400 sixth grade students and their parents. For the next three years every sixth grade student and their family will receive a new computer along with training and educational software at Foshay Learning Center.

Computers for Youth website

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