Breast Cancer Awareness

Team 597 supports Breast Cancer Awareness. We wear pink ribbons on our team t-shirts and pass out information regarding Breast Cancer Awareness at various robotics events throughout the year. Our website contains a link in which you can send an e-mail to a love one reminding her to have her yearly mammogram test.

Send an e-card to a woman in your life who you love reminding her to have a mammogram. Click Here

Bone Marrow Transplant

What is Bone Marrow Transplant?

It is possible to take hematopoietic stem cells from one person and then infuse them into another person (Allogenic) or into the same person at a later time (Autologous). If donor and recipient are compatible, these infused cells will then travel to the bone marrow and initiate blood cell production.

Transplantation from one person to another is performed in severe cases of disease of the bone marrow. The patient's marrow is first killed off with drugs or radiation, and then the new stem cells are introduced.

How can you help?

Get tested and see if you could possibly donate your bone marrow to help people with cancer. Visit Here

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